How Do I Start?

Letting others find you (broadcasting):

  • Fire up the app and tap Profiles at the bottom (assuming you’ve gone through the tour)
  • Tap the background and choose a profile type from the list. If none of the types jump out at you, pick either General Business or General Personal.
  • Fill in the blanks, take a photo of yourself. Tap “Done” when you’re done.
  • Tap the profile icon. You’ll see the green broadcasting antenna.

As long as you’re somewhere where someone is “listening” (or you have MiitWell installed on multiple iOS devices), you can now be seen! Tap the profile icon again to turn off broadcasting.

Finding others (listening):

  • Fire up the app. If for some reason you’re not already in the Miit! tab, tap it in the bottom bar.
  • Tap the satellite and make sure any of the profile types you’re interested in has a checkmark beside it.
  • Tap done.

That’s it! Any active profiles that are within range will drop into view as they are found. The three ranges of color on the map go from blue (far away or unknown) to the brightest green (closest to you).

Tap a profile icon to get the summary for that profile. If you want to know more, tap the summary; otherwise, tap anywhere else to return to normal.

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